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The Northstar to Improve Mindset & Well-Being

inner work Aug 10, 2021

What's ironic about the COVID-19 pandemic is this: how many people used to say "I want a year off" and genuinely mean it?

Nowadays, I bet the number is way lower than it was before 2020 tested our resolve like no other. 

Whenever I speak with people, I'm getting the sense that many are in the midst of a life-changing transition, an instinctual motivation to redefine how we look at our careers, well-being, and inner healing.

Especially since the pandemic isn't technically over, we all can use this period as a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take on the inner work we need to transform for the better.

Seeing the Real Opportunities in Front of Us

It goes without saying that the past year has been super challenging for all of us.

But you may not know that out of strife and uncertainty; there are real opportunities for change in front of us. The trick is to allow ourselves to see them because not everyone has this mindset, the idea that there's always some way to improve our lives and become healthier and better people.

The problem is that it's difficult for some to find where that change-space actually lies in our lives.

If you don't feel good about something, try to drill down into the reasons during this learning period but always keep your eyes on solutions, not ruminations about your shortcomings.

So, what's an excellent example of taking this tumultuous time to begin the self-healing work you've been putting off since the start of 2020?

Nurturing an Emotionally Healthy Mindset

Often, we don't appreciate opportunities to commit to inner work, the internal motivations we have deep down that we don't think about most of the time.

But during a period like a pandemic with everyone at home most of the day, there's room to give our loved ones – especially ourselves – the precious gift of time, which many of us took for granted, I believe.

For instance, mental health has been such a huge topic this past year, with everything that's gone haywire in the world from the 2020 election and racial unrest to our different views on managing the COVID-19 crisis. Add being out of work or working remotely for the first time to the mix, and that's where the disconnection lies.

Mental health is vital, but at the core, it’s emotional health.  Our emotions drive our motivations so much that we don't even realize it – unless we actively seek to change our mindset.

Emotional Health, in essence, is our northstar on the journey to improve our well-being.

And taking the time to do the inner work and focusing on self-care is how we honor ourselves and begin to shift our state, so that we can give way to the changes and opportunities we seek.

The idea is to stay present in the now, not the future, and accept that you can't control everything during this transitional period.

"Going with the flow" is the cliche, but instead, it's mainly about positioning ourselves to respond, instead of reacting to what is going on around us. So that we can show up with intention to what really matters in life: our health, our family, and our emotional well-being.

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